Monday, 31 December 2012

New Year 2013 Google Doodle

A Very Happy  New To All..!! Like every year this time also Google has shown its doodle in order to greet the upcoming New Year 2013.

Google also Offered its  New Year  Wishes via this Doodle.Two doodles has been launched by Google for this New Year .One is Showing pre party and other displaying the post party Scenario.The doodle of 31st Dec Shows the Preparty Celebrations .

In one corner composer Clara Schumann, whose 193rd b'day was marked in Doodle plays a synthesiser made by Robert Moog, who got a Doodle for his 78th birthday .

In another corner Rodin's The Thinker sits at a computer,representing Alan Turing,whose centenary was this year,while Ada Lovelace-197 this year - offers advice.

 New Year's  Day 2013 Google Doodle 

This Google Doodle shows a morning scene with no guests around.The New year doodle features the haphazardly placed letters of the word Google, acting as hosts cleaning the area after the party. If you have a close look at the Doodle it shows end of the year, and the start of a new year!!

The “New Year’s Day 2013″ Google Doodle looks very similar to the “New Year’s Eve 2012” .But Google of India did not post the New Year's eve doodle on  the India homepage.

" In the memory of the Braveheart, Google placed a subtle vigle candle below it's search box on the Google India homepage."

Here Srikanth Sri Wish You all a Happy New Year 2013, may 2013 bring you happiness,wealth and Good future.!May all Your New Year's resolutions, hopes and dreams come true,and may the NewYear be a year of blessings!

                                                 Happy New Year 2013!

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